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Kangertech is a very well establishment company who is best known for their Subtank Nano and Subtank Mini which are also referred to as Toptanks with their new and improved top-fill system. They are one of the leading electronic cigarette companies on the market who continue to develop new and improved vape equipment on a continual basis. Experience advanced flavor and vapor production today! 

Kanger E-Smart Clearomizer


Kanger has brilliantly combined the benefits of both their wildly popular 808D-1 cartomizers with that of clearomizers with their new eSmart.  The eSmart is compact like the 808D-1, but does not contain any filler material.  This allows the...

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Kangertech Evod 2


You are looking at a new Kanger Evod 2 cartomizer that include the tank and heat coil/wick (options in this listing for additional heat coils and/or batteries).  These are ego and 510 threaded compatible so will work with most major brands...

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Kangertech TopTank Mini


The Revolutionary Kangertech Toptank Mini Hyrbrid allows the user to replicate the vapor production that is produced from rebuildables. You may now refill this tank without removing it from your device. Thats right, this tank is a top fill system! The...

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Kangertech TopTank Nano


The Kanger Toptank Nano Clearomizer is a brand new revolutionary tank from Kangertech providing massive cloud production and flavor with the new sub ohm coil that fires at a 0.5 Ohms of resistance. Having stated this, the Toptank Nano acts as a hybrid...

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